The fashion industry has had a history of exclusiveness and being unaccepting of women of color. These women bring diversity, uniqueness, and new perspectives to the basic, white demographic. They deserve as much of a chance as anyone else does to thrive and be successful! So, be sure to check out their businesses!

Below, I have listed my top 6 favorite sustainable clothing brands owned by women of color. I also included links to their websites so you can start shopping! 😉


1. Wasi Clothing

Vanessa Acosta runs her one-woman business in Los Angeles, California. Wasi Clothing’s goal is to share the Bolivian culture and create a safe space for POC and allies. Some items in the shop are handmade and the materials of others are imported from South America. Vanessa’s story is very motivating, and her products are gorgeous!

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2. The Tiny Closet

The Tiny Closet is a small, woman-led clothing brand. The thing that stood out to me most about this brand was that all of their items are made of deadstock fabric. This means that they “recycle” fabric labeled as waste used by other brands and turn them into beautiful clothes!

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3. Proclaim

Proclaim is a nude lingerie line made in Los Angeles, California. Their items are crafted using earth-conscious fabrics. Their goal is to expand the definition of nude and represent all women. Be sure to check out their products!

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4. Subrina Heyink Vintage

Subrina Heyink is an Instagram vintage shop. Her timeless statement pieces are absolutely stunning and never go out of style. If you’re looking for vintage vibe clothing, you need to check out her store!

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5. Galerie.La

Galerie.La was founded by Dechel Mckillian, a celebrity stylist from Los Angeles, California. The brand’s mission is to work as a community and build a platform devoted to the highest quality of sustainable fashion. Their clothes are classy and super stylish–must-haves!

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6. House Of Aama

House of Aama is run by a mother-daughter duo in Los Angeles, California. Their goals are to evoke conversations around heritage and create pieces with nostalgic references. They are heavily rooted in the ethos of Africa. Their items are stunning!

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And that concludes today’s blog post! There are so many more WOC-owned clothing brands to check out–these were only a few of my favorites. Be sure to stay up to date with the world’s issues and figure out how you can help! Thanks so much for stopping by, and as always, I hope to see you again soon! 🙂

Love, Brenna